Peter Shire’s Echo Park Pottery mugs while they last at Boot Cafe

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Boot Café isn’t just Paris’s smallest coffee shop (two tables in 4M2), now it’s doing double duty as a design platform with Peter Shire’s Echo Park Pottery. This is the first time EPP’s iconic cups have been available in Europe! Shire’s pot shop in L.A.’s Echo Park has been rolling and abstract glazing the mugs in the same inimitable way since the 70s. A sculptor and designer influenced by the Chouinard Art Institute, Shire became the first American member of Italy’s Memphis Group back in the 80s and the cartoon vibrancy of his designs is the best way to bring a bit of SoCal caliente to cool, grey Paris
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Opened by American designer Phil Euell and his partner Elsa Dahan, Boot is open seven days a week (10:00AM-6:00PM) with great Brûlereie de Belleville coffee (espresso, noisette, cortado, crème and chemex), tea, hot chocolate, fresh juices and goodies (raspberry almond cake, lemon blueberry cake banana bread etc…) from Paris’s Emperor Norton. And if you manage to grab a table mid-day, there’s omelettes and congee brunch. The space is packed with good reads and nice graphic elements from David Rager.
Boot Café 19 rue du Pont-aux-Choux 75003

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