Damir Doma Orchid Man, Paris Men’s SS15


Mérit Oppenheim’s 1980 “Portrait with Tattoos,” a close up of the artist’s face superimposed with the markings of butterfly wings, was prominent on Damir Doma’s mood board this season and the idea of symmetry and irregularities in nature was on his mind. In its seventh year, his eponymous label isn’t brand new, nor entrenched, just growing steadily. To shine the light on his brand, Doma opened the doors to his house for an installation, film and magazine with art direction by Tiffany Godoy, images by Carlotta Manaigo, soundscapes by Fédéric Sanchez and visual effects from Daniel Adric.



The collection was ultra-simple: ¾ coat jackets in stiff silk; wide, cropped pants in palm frond patterned jacquard; a scarf neck tunic in slubbed stripes on a translucent ground; clean blouson with an asian V-neck and distressed rib waist; vest multi-belted across the chest, and orchid markings in prints, on cut velvet and cut outs on tunics and body tracing shirt jackets. All this made for an elegant, casual wardrobe that defies stereotypes and age brackets in loose, effortless style to wear with sleek, thick-strapped snadals. RV


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